Alex asked me to share his job search story in order to encourage job seekers to keep looking, because, he said, you can't give up. After nearly three years of job searching, I got a job in my chosen profession again. In between, I worked part time in some other related areas, but always kept my eyes on the prize. It was frustrating. I'm a TV sports reporter, and I sent out over 200 tapes and DVDs and got only a half-dozen responses! Alex went on to say that he is going to stay subscribed to the Job Searching newsletter, because you never know when you might need job search advice. If you've been job searching for a while, and I'm hearing more stories about it taking much longer to find jobs these days, there is help available. Visit the Job Searching Forum for advice and assistance. You're welcome to share your job search success stories and give advice, as well. There's also a Job Searching Group you can join, as well as free or low-cost job search assistance you can take advantage of when you need help finding a job.